Dorset Pine bed workshop

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Double bunk bed

You will not find these anywhere else. Two double beds one on top of the other, they will not separate into 2 beds, they are bunks for evermore.

They come in 3 sizes to take mattresses of widths  4ft, 4ft6in and 5ft

(122,137 and 152cm) They can also be made to continental mattress sizes

From £439.00

 Phone for more details 01202 511030

This might sound expensive But please remember you are getting 2 double beds plus the  ladder and extra side rails  for this price.

 4’6” Scandinavian shown £606.00

                             4ft               4’6”                5ft

Classic               439.00        462.00           486.00

Dorchester         486.00       503.00           537.00

Scandinavian     572.00       606.00           618.00

Special classic

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