Dorset Pine bed workshop

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Triple bunk   

A true triple bunk, 3 high. Not many people make these. The bottom 2 beds are in one unit (as our budget bunk) The top bed can be used as a separate single bed.The  perfect answer for  a large family or in the holiday home. Lots of these in use in hostels and budget hotels etc.

Top bunks are not suitable for children under six

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The ladder can be fitted on the side or the end of the bed. You will need a minimum ceiling height of 244cm (8ft) for these beds. To the top of the top slat is  154cm (61”) plus mattress. If you have really high ceilings we can raise the bottom bed to give storage underneath. These beds are really sturdily built  but we still recommend they are fixed to the wall.          

2’6” 76cm

3’  91cm

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Sizes 76cm - L 201 x W 86.5 x  H 200cm  2’6” -  (79 x  34 x  78in)

               91cm -L 201 x  W 101.5 x H 200cm  (3ft)   - (79 x  40 x 78in)

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Why not add some drop on shelves £19.50

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