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‘L’ Shaped Triple

If you do not want the full height of our triple bunk. but want to maximise space in a room with a lower ceiling, these could

well be the answer. Made in two units, a stretched height bunk with a midi sleeper coming out at right angles. It can have one ladder in the corner or one on the end of each bed. There is plenty of headroom above at one end in each ibed, giving a more open feel for the occupants of the lower  2 beds. It can be made in either of two widths to take either 76cm  (2’6”) or 91cm (3’) mattresses or a combination of two sizes with the middle  a one being a different size. These are two separate units, so will go either way round.

Beds can be made to various heights to fit in with your ceiling  height.If in doubt. Please call or

email us. with any odd size ideas.

Size 201cm (79”) long both ways. Height varies according to your room. Width of each bed 86.5cm (34”) or 101.5cm (40”)

L shaped tropile bunk

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