Dorset Pine bed workshop

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 The steps can be either vertical or sloping and made to fit on either the end or the side of the bed.  Please email to let us know which ladder options you want.

We have had trouble getting these delivered with the fully assembled ends. Carriers started refusing to take these.

So  we have had to start making them all in our all bolted version. This will mean a little more assembly on your part but will make them much easier to carry through your house and also to assemble them in restricted places.

Double Loft bed/high sleeper  150cm (5’)    £339.00

A double high sleeper/loft bed made in to take a 152cm (5ft) width.  King size matress. Perfect for opening up space in  the smaller

room, ideal in Studios, Flatlets and Bedsits These beds are highly strengthened versions of my children’s beds, suitable for sleeping 2 adults. Can be made in any headroom up to 150cm (60”)Mattress top is approximately 25cm above headroom under the bed.

Mattress is not include in the price. Any height up to 152cm (60”) headroom can be built for this price. We can build higher  beds and also make them to fit continental sized mattresses for a small surcharge.

Size 208cm long X  160cm wide X headroom + 50cm high

Select headroom under bed and ladder style

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Very  high special built to customers sizes Vertical ladder on the end of the bed shown

Carriage and packing £55.00



Choose ladder style

Headroom under bed.


Double Loft bed